If you've already received a diagnosis of celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, this book could change your life. Real Life with Celiac Disease will help you understand:

Real Life with Celiac Disease has three sections:

The first section of the book reviews the history of celiac disease, where it is found, and how the disease announces itself. Chapters examine the various tests used to diagnose celiac disease, including blood tests, endoscopy, and genetic testing. This will allow you to have a good understanding of what celiac disease is and how it is diagnosed.

The second section explores gluten-free life. The gluten-free diet is the only treatment for celiac disease. Although the gluten-free diet can be well-balanced and healthy, making the dietary and lifestyle changes in a sustainable and optimal way can be tricky. This section addresses some of the most common questions and pitfalls that occur in adopting a gluten-free lifestyle.

The third section examines the obstacles you face. Celiac disease is one of the “best” diagnoses you can have! Individuals often feel much better after diagnosis and treatment than they have for years and go on to lead healthy lives. Yet, life can present obstacles. This section addresses some of the most common issues that people with celiac disease face and, wherever possible, suggests how to overcome them.

The authors, joined by more than 50 international experts, share stories of patients who have questions or problems related to celiac disease and gluten-related disorders. Find out the treatments recommended, the decisions and lifestyle changes made, and the outcomes. The broad, practical knowledge in this book will empower you and the people in your life to achieve the best possible health and well-being.

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